FlareFight RC2

10 Feb 2018

Adds all the excitement of EXU2's BattleFlaresĀ® to multiplayer.

Excessive Unreal Pawns: Volume 1

30 Jul 2017

A small collection of new pawns by JPZ, with attacks and effects based on existing EXU 2 assets and AI.

UT Classic Map Pack, Volume 1

8 May 2017

A collection of classic Unreal 1 deathmatch levels, modified to work properly in Unreal Tournament.


8 May 2017

Lightweight mutator, adds spawn protection.

OldModels - Unreal 1 PlayerModels for UT99

17 Feb 2017

This .umod file adds the Unreal 1 player models to Unreal Tournament. By UsAar33 and Psychic_313.