FlareFight Release Candidate 2 is now available as a game type on Diabolis.net.

FlareFight RC2

10 Feb 2018

Adds all the excitement of EXU2's BattleFlaresĀ® to multiplayer.

Version 2 of the Diabolis Leaderboard is now live. In addition to being able to view all logged frags in chronological order, new filters are available in the ‘Advanced’ section. Filter through all entries by player name, victim, or map title for the round when that frag was logged. Paging is now also supported for basic and advanced queries; all of this thanks to a new API backend written using NodeJS.

Excessive Unreal Pawns: Volume 1

30 Jul 2017

A small collection of new pawns by JPZ, with attacks and effects based on existing EXU 2 assets and AI.

UT Classic Map Pack, Volume 1

8 May 2017

A collection of classic Unreal 1 deathmatch levels, modified to work properly in Unreal Tournament.